Product Overview

What is Theragun

Theragun is a hand-held, battery operated, professional

grade percussive therapy device providing deep tissue

massage to ease pain, improve mobility and enhance



What is Percussive Therapy

Professional-grade percussive therapy combines the

science of our 16 mm amplitude, frequency and torque -

the essential triad. Threragun uses these three principles

to provide a deeper and more effective massage than any

other device.


Who is using The G3PRO?



• Sports Teams

• Chiropractors

• Physical Therapists

• Athletic Trainers

• Athletes

• Coaches


• Weekend Warriors

• CrossFit

• Runners

• Cyclists

• Fitness

• People in pain

• Wellness & Lifestyle



Our proprietary gear box has been newly designed to muffle the
G3PRO’s powerful motor, resulting in a 50% decrease in sound.

Key Differentiators


Amplitude - 16mm

The G3PRO’s high-amplitude achieves the same results as a

deep tissue massage, but without the pain or pressure.


Frequency - 2400 & 1750 RPMs

The G3PRO comes with a 2-speed functionality: 2400 & 1750.

2400 pulses per minute is the optimal frequency to override

pain signals to the brain, reducing discomfort typically

associated with deep muscle treatment. 1750 pulses per minute

provide the user with a gentler treatment for acute injuries and

sensitive areas of the body.


Torque - 60 pounds of Stall Force

The G3PRO’s proprietary gearbox is designed to withstand 60

pounds of pressure, enabling deep muscle relief without

stalling. This allows for the best body treatment available - all

the user needs to do is “float” the G3PRO across the muscles - it

does all the work for you without strain on your wrists and




Made out of industrial grade, high quality components from all over

the world, the G3PRO was designed and built to provide a high

speed, high power device that no other device can match



Our unique product design allows for optimal comfort when using

Theragun in order to alleviate any extra pressure on your hands and

wrists. For professional users like chiropractors, our ergonomics helps

save their hands and arms from pains like carpal tunnel.