StrongerRx 3.0 WOD Gloves (BLACK)


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The most advanced functional fitness gloves to date. The 3.0 Glove comes with one goal in mind which is to give the user ultimate protection with the ability to allow increased functional endurance and withstand continuous high friction movements. Born from Aerospace science. Embraced by Worldwide Military combatants. The StrongerRx 3.0 Glove is designed with cutting edge technology and the latest style made for all functional fitness movements. Anti-Vibration Technology with vibration damping polymers to prevent complete muscle and hand fatigue. Touch Screen Technology can be used with most touch screen devices. Abrasion resistant science to minimize palm callous and prevent hand rips and other skin abrasions. Ergonomically design for upmost flexibility and hand ventilation. Stay cool as you rest. Stay cool in your runs or as you prepare for the next exercise transition. Enriched with StrongerRx Perma-X fabrics for added flexibility and durability. Provides a lightweight compound that molds your hand movements to any demands. The 3.0 Glove is the glove of the future.

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